FTF QuickPay Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Platform is a Fully Cloud-Based SaaS Platform

FTF’s QuickPay, a fully cloud-based SaaS, provides a state-of-the-art technology platform to onboard Clients and their Suppliers, manage early payments to Suppliers and provide analysis of the financial result. FTF’s QuickPay program is built on the most advanced current and secure technology, ensuring proven reliability. The platform incorporates the fees, task alerts, mobile capability, and accounting. Each party: the lender, the client and the supplier has its own portal with internal controls established.

FTF QuickPay Process

Who Should Use FTF QuickPay?

Clients and Suppliers need an efficient flow of working capital to fulfill production orders at a low cost, align A/R collection with A/P disbursement, invest in human and equipment resources and maintain competitiveness in a growing economy. The FTF QuickPay Program allows Clients to extend their Supplier payment terms at no cost while giving Suppliers the option to get paid early at a small discount. 

The QuickPay Program is an innovative way to increase working capital, reduce supply chain and financial risk for both Clients and Suppliers, while strengthening their working relationship. FTF QuickPay provides a state-of-the-art technology platform to onboard Buyers and their Suppliers, manages early payments to Suppliers and provides financial analysis.


  • Extend trade payables without stressing Supplier chain
  • Leverage A/P terms at no cost or utilization of existing credit line
  • Improve efficiency in the A/P department
  • Strengthen Supplier relationships and communication


  • Unlock A/R to cash quickly — no contracts or personal guarantees
  • Access cash flow early to continue business operation and growth
  • Reduce risk of business disruption due to lack of cash flow
  • Execute competitive advantage by improving operational efficiency


FTF QuickPay

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